Megan Scott is a twenty-six-year-old writer from the North West of England.


After doing a Fine Art Foundation Course, she wondered how the art world had gotten to this point and decided to study further. Soon she found herself in the seaside University town of St. Andrews in Scotland, studying Art History and Classical Civilisation. 


Now she's further studying the ancient world through a Masters of Research.

As of November, she secured a spot as a Pitch Wars mentee for the class of 2019. The aesthetic for her Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy, set in a coastal English town, is on the right (all images found on Pinterest). She'll be working on it with the writer and editor Laurie Dennison.


When she’s not writing or on Pinterest, she’s listening to or singing Jazz, trying to read as much as her nana, or paint something she doesn’t want to ceremoniously burn in the garden.



Below is an excerpt from her interview for Pitch Wars, where her mentor Laurie talks about the submission process! A link to the full interview is available on the blog page.

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